55 Gallon Drum Products

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This page points to a category that contains all our products that are compatible with 55 Gallon Drums.  We felt we needed to collect all these products into a single category.

These products fit the bungs in Metal drums, Metal Barrels, Plastic Drums, Plastic Barrels, Water Barrels,  Blue Plastic Barrels, Stainless Steel Drums, or Oil Drums in the following sizes:

55 Gallon

30 Gallon

15 Gallon.

As you can see, this category covers much more than just 55 Gallon Drums.

If you are looking to pump a specific fluid, you can download the chart HERE or you can visit our page that lists all the recommended fluids and creates a dynamic category of those pumps to help you in your search for pumps that are recommended for that specific fluid.

To give you an idea of the value of this chart/page, some of our most popular fluid look ups are Diesel Oil (28 recommended pumps) and Urea/DEF/AdBlue (19 recommended pumps.).  Looking at the PDF chart, is is easy to see that 28 of the 30 pumps listed in the chart are recommended for Diesel Oil.  and much fewer are recommended for Urea/DEF/AdBlue.  THAT is the value of the PDF chart!

Goldys Brand is committed to making your search for products that are recommended to work with specific fluids as easy as possible.