Bulk Loading Grease Guns

Many people buy their grease in 14 oz cartridges and use it that way. In a typical 5 gallon pail of grease you have more than 45 14 oz cartridges worth of grease. At a medium price of $5.99 per cartridge, and considering that a 5 gallon pail contains more than 45 cartridges worth, the bulk grease is equivalent to more than $270.00 (45 x $5.99) worth of the cartridges. If you use a lot of grease, it may be worthwhile to consider a Grease Filler Pump (image in the right column) for a pail or drum and buying your grease in bulk.

When Bulk loading your grease gun, you generally get more grease to dispense. A typical value is 16 oz bulk loaded vs. 14 oz using a cartridge.