Featured Category: Oilers and Measures

Oil Measure Calibrated in Imperial and Metric units.

This week’s Featured Category is our collection of Oilers and Measures.

Our Oilers start as a 6 oz. pistol type oiler with a 30° rigid spout and go up to a massive 32oz. handled type oiler with a 30° Flex Spout.

Likewise, our collection of measures starts with a pair of 1 qt. measures one of which has a top Flex Spout and the other with a bottom Flex Spout and it runs up to a massive 8 qt oil measure!

With the top Flex Spout series of measures, you simply tilt the measure to dispense oil and the Imperial and Metric Calibrated fill lines made into the measures let you dispense an exact amount of oil.

All our bottom Flex Spout measures have a thumb operated valve to control the oil flow, and have calibrated Imperial and Metric fill lines to allow you to dispense an exact amount of oil.

Our measures are excellent for dispensing oil from bulk containers when doing oil changes.  All are made of steel, galvanized or painted to resist rust, to allow them to be take the daily use that an oil change shop or automotive garage gives their equipment.  These will outlast any plastic oil measure.