Featured Product: LX-1123 Lever Action Grease Gun.

This week’s featured product is our LX-1123 Lever type grease gun. It comes with an 18″ Flex Hose. This is the grease gun that can take punishing work day in and day out! This is the grease gun choice of professionals.

The LX-1123 has an air bleeder valve to allow for the venting of any trapped air after a refill. Speaking of refills, this gun can be refilled with a standard 14 oz. grease cartridge, It can be bulk filled from a bucket of grease by taking the pump head off, immersing the open end of the barrel into the grease far enough so when you pull back the follower you get all grease and no air.

Finally, it has a grease filler pump nipple preinstalled in the pump head for filling with 16 oz. of grease using a Lumax filler pump and nozzle.

The LX-1123 outputs 5.65 oz. of grease per 100 strokes of the lever. This is the grease gun you need in your workshop!