Featured Product: LX-1185 Heavy-duty Suction Gun

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LX-1185 Heavy-duty, Suction Gun (18 oz. / 510 g) with 12″ Flex Hose.


  • Excellent for Draining and Filling:18 oz. (1 Pint / 510 g) Fluid Capacity with 10″ (250 mm) Stroke.
    • Differentials.
    • Transmissions.
    • Clutches.
    • Gear Cases.
    • Hydraulic Fluid tanks.
    • And Many other uses.
  • Needs no Priming.
  • Double-lipped, Precision Follower provides Sure-seal and eliminates fluid bypass for Maximum Suction and Discharge.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Barrel (18 G / 1.3 mm) assures Durability.
  • Rugged, Wide Band, Non-slip Knurling for Sure-grip Handling.
  • Heavy-duty Head and end-cap with Chrome plated finish.
  • Ergonomically Designed T-handle provides Positive Grip.
  • Complete with 12″ Oil Resistant Flex Hose.

Caution: For use with Non-Corrosive Lubricants only.

Caution: When extracting fluids for disposal, you can mix fluid types being used with a pump.  When dispensing fluids back into a reservoir, you want to ensure that the dispenser you are using is not contaminated by other fluids that may interact badly with the new fluid you are dispensing.