Featured Product: LX-1416 Grease Injector Needle

FEATURED Product of the Week!

So you have a sealed bearing that really is in need of grease, what do you do?

Get yourself an LX-1416 21/2″ x 18G Grease Injector Needle!

This tool is a required adapter for your grease guns when it comes to adding grease to sealed bearings, or other joints in tight spaces!

This adapter snaps into and standard grease coupler and removes by pushing it to one side and pulling it out of the coupler.

We recommend having the protective cover on when inserting and removing the grease injector needle for safety.

Researching for this page, we discovered that several different suppliers sell a needle injector that is different than the injector needle we sell, and that product has garnered more 1 star reviews that we have ever seen for a product. Looking at the reviews for their product, we found that one supplier had 23 1 star reviews and the rest of the reviews combined (11) did not add up to the 1 star reviews. A different supplier had 7 one star reviews and the rest only had a total of 4. Below is a picture of the injector needle in question.

Our LX-1416 Grease Injector Needle has earned the #2 spot on https://theedgecutter.com/best-grease-gun-needles The 2 cons listed on the site are “It may leak grease sometimes”, well it is a needle that is piercing a rubber seal, so that could leak, and the other one “It creates a mess while using it” seems related to the first one. When dispensing grease into a joint sealed by a rubber cap, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect grease to ooze out around the needle puncture and “leak” or “make a mess”. While you are on the site, check out the #5 “best grease gun needles”. We do not know if we would have included a product where the cons are “fragile construction” and ” The overall quality is not up to the mark”. That doesn’t sound like a “best” grease gun injector needle description to us. If you scroll down to the “Conclusion” part of the page, you will find that the site endorses the Lumax LX-1416 Grease Gun Injector Needle as “the clear winner among the others for its exceptional features”.

This is NOT locking a grease coupler on to a grease fitting and dispensing at full pressure into the fitting. Finally, when greasing a sealed joint capped with a rubber seal, when the joint is full, it is reasonable to expect grease to ooze out from the weakest point which should be where the needle has penetrated the seal. When dispensing into a grease fitting once the joint is full, grease oozes out from any opening between the parts that form the joint.