Featured Product: LX-1470 Lubrication Accessory Kit

The LX-1470 is a must have kit for every workshop!  The 11 accessories contained in this handy storage case will allow you to work on the vast majority of all greasing tasks.  The prices of the individual items contained in this kit total up to $90.49! Purchasing this kit you save $36.50!  This kit is an EXCELLENT value!

This kit contains the following:

  • LX-1205: Grease Hose 12″ with Spring
  • LX-1400: Standard Grease Coupler
  • LX-1404: 90º Grease Coupler,
  • LX-1406: 360º Swivel Grease Coupler
  • LX-1407: Right Angled Grease Coupler
  • LX-1409: 4-1/2″ Push-Type Adapter
  • LX-1410: Needle Nose Adapter 3/4″
  • LX-1411: Needle Nose Adapter 1-1/2″
  • LX-1412: Needle Nose Adapter 7″
  • LX-1416: S.S. Grease Injector Needle
  • LX-1418: Seal Off Adapter with Rubber Tip

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