Featured Product: LX-1816 Slip Joint Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

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LX-1816 Slip Joint, Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench Fits Filters from (Diameter Sizes) 2-3/4” to 4” (70-102 mm).


  • Slim Adjustable Design fits where many Handled Wrenches would Not.
  • High Carbon Drop-forged Steel Construction for Strength and Durability.
  • Dual-Handle allows for a Better Leverage to bear down harder to remove Stubborn, On-Tight Filters.
  • Slip Joint Handles for Greater Range.
  • Sure-Grip Jaw Teeth prevent Slipping.
  • Non-Slip Grip Handles provide Comfort and a Sure Grip.
  • Blackened for Resistance to Rust, Oxidation and Corrosion.

Warning: Comfort Vinyl Grips are Only for Comfort and are NOT recommended for Electrical Use.

One of our customers has a Snapper Rear Engine riding mower and the oil filter is mounted near the bottom of the engine and just above the metal support for the engine.  He said that regular band type oil filter wrenches did not have room to tighten or turn enough to loosen and tighten the filter.  After some research we recommended the LX-1816 Oil Filter Wrench.  The shorter jaw allows the wrench to get under the filter for a good grip and is narrow enough so that the oil filter can be turned to loosen or tighten the filter.  If you are experiencing this same issue on your Snapper Rear engine riding mower, please consider the LX-1816.  Our customer called back and said it did the job for him!