Featured Product: LX-1403 Heavy-Duty Quick Release Grease Coupler, 1/8″ NPT.

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LX-1403 Heavy-Duty Quick Release Grease Coupler, 1/8″ NPT

The LX-1403 (and the longer LX-1403XL) securely locks onto the grease fitting and stay locked on until you want to release the coupler.

LX-1403 Application Image 2
LX-1403 In Clamped On Position

The LX-1403 is rated at 22,000 PSI burst pressure, so it is safe for all greasing.  Even if the fitting becomes pressurized, a simple press of the thumb lever and the coupler is released!  No more fighting to remove a coupler, no more broken off fittings, no spurts or splashing when disconnecting!  This will quickly become your go to grease coupler after you try it.

With a standard coupler, to maintain the seal and lock, the coupler must be parallel to the fitting that is being greased.  To remove a standard coupler, you must have the room to move the coupler out of being parallel with the fitting.  In some very tight spaces such as recessed grease fittings on farm equipment, there is a small hole that provides access to the fitting, but in some cases, it is not easy to move the coupler out of parallel and unlock it for removal.  There are adapters such as our LX-1409 which is a push on adapter that is easily attached and detached.  The issue is that this is an adapter and not a coupler.  All adapters are recommended for hand operated grease guns only due to the pressures involved with powered grease guns and large powered grease systems in garages. 

LX-1403 application image 1
LX-1403 in Operating Position

The LX-1403, being a true coupler–screws onto the grease pipe or flex hose in place of the regular grease coupler–is recommended for most hand, battery powered, and air powered grease guns as well as bulk grease pumps (usually found in garages and oil change shops).