Goldys Brand, Inc. Terms and Conditions.

Goldys Brand, Inc. Terms and Conditions.

1. Registration.

A. Goldys Brand, Inc. does not require you to register or login if your are registered to purchase from our site. We encourage you to register and login because it allows us to better assist you when something goes wrong with your order. All data provided at registration time is covered under our privacy policy and is available on the Goldys Brand Privacy Page.

B. For B2B (Business to Business) customers, an account (registration) is required.  This allows us to grant you access to products and pricing that are reserved exclusively for B2B customers.  This account also allows you to enter your tax Exempt number at checkout so that we do not have to charge you sales tax on your purchases.  B2B Customers have the ability to select an invoice payment type and to optionally include a Purchase Order number if your organization uses POs.

C. For guests (non-registered customers or non-logged in customers), and B2C (Business to Consumer) customers who are logged in, Goldys Brand, Inc. offers payment by Credit or Debit card using our payment gateway.

2. Orders and Purchase of Products.

A. Goldys Brand, Inc. makes every effort to keep stock on all our products offered. However, some circumstances have arisen in the past where product to fill an order may not become available for more than a week. In those cases, we will contact the customer and explain the situation. We are forced by the credit card companies to fulfill orders in a timely manner and we are fined if we violate their standards for such fulfillment. Upon contact we will offer to remove from the order the specific product(s) that are experiencing a longer lead time and fill the rest of the order if the customer wishes. Lacking agreement, we will have no other choice but to cancel the order before it breaches the credit card company’s fulfillment time frame.

B. Goldys Brand, Inc. reserves the right to decline to accept an order if the order, in our sole opinion, looks to be fraudulent. We will also decline to accept any order where the credit card processor declines to card, for any reason.

C. After the order is placed, Goldys Brand, Inc. will make every effort to fulfill the customer’s order as quickly and accurately as possible. Once we ship an order, all refunds and returns become governed by Goldys Brand, Inc. Return Policy.

3. Payments.

A All payments approved by our credit card processor will be accepted and Goldys Brand, Inc. will fulfill the order as quickly and accurately as possible. All costs and fees will be clearly displayed on the receipt the customer will receive by email.

B Goldys Brand, Inc. through our credit card processor accepts the following cards, credit and debit where available, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

C. If our credit card processor declines all offered payment forms, the order will not be accepted by Goldys Brand, Inc.

D. Customers agree to not attempt to pay for products using fraudulent or unlawful means.

E. Any purchase completed using either the Invoice or Purchase Order–regardless if a valid PO is entered or not–are sold with the payment terms of “Net 30 from Invoice Date”.  Any customer who does not pay within the terms granted is subject to have their account put into “Payment In Advance” status meaning either a Credit or Debit card, an ACH transfer with “Invoice Number <the 6 digit order number>” in the subject or description field of the ACH transaction so we can apply the payment to the correct Invoice, or a check sent via postal mail (USPS, UPS,or FEDEX) which when received an accepted by the bank–usually 4 business days–will trigger the order to be shipped.

4.  Cancellation of Order.

In addition to the terms listed previously that can result in a cancellation of an order, Goldys Brand, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order that has been placed in breach of these terms and conditions.

5. Delivery

A. In most cases the customer selected delivery method will be used to ship the ordered products.  In some rare circumstances while processing the order, Goldys Brand, Inc. finds a quicker delivery method at the same price as the customer selected method, we may chose to ship by the faster method at no additional charge to the customer.

B. Once an order is picked up by the shipping company, Goldys Brand, Inc. is immune for any and all delays in the delivery of the product. If an order is damaged by the shipping company, please immediately take pictures of the box(es) and send them to along with your order number / receipt number / invoice number. We will work with you to have the shipping company pickup the damaged goods from you and will get another order prepared and shipped out to you ASAP.

6. Copyright.

All content displayed on all sites owned by Goldys Brand, Inc. is protected by copyright, either by Goldys Brand, Inc. directly, or by being used by permission from our vendors.  We reserve all rights to our content–Goldys Brand, Inc. directly, or from our vendors–and explicitly revoke all rights to reproduce, or share the content in any form in whole or in part on any medium. Goldys Brand, Inc. expressly grants the right to share our URLs for any part of our site available to customers for the purposes of social media. All commercial uses of our content is expressly forbidden without prior written consent of Goldys Brand, Inc.

8. Trademarks.

All logos, names, and trademarks used on Goldys Brand, Inc. sites are protected by trademark law and are used only with the written permission of the trademark or copyright owners. Nothing on any Goldys Brand, Inc. site should be construed as granting any license or right to use any Content, trademarks, or copyrighted materials without the prior written permission of the owner of the trademark or copyright.

9. Applicable Law.

Goldys Brand, Inc. is a State of Georgia, USA, corporation. All terms, conditions, disclaimer, notices, warnings, which appear on any Goldys Brand, Inc. site are governed by the laws of the State of Georgia, USA.