Filter Wrenches

We have every type of filter wrench imaginable. 

  • We have swivel handle wrenches that are of the band-type.
  • We have cam-type and square drive wrenches that are also of the band-type. 
  • We have pliers or jaw type wrenches.  These are excellent for getting into tight spaces and the really aggressive teeth on these provide the grip to install or remove even the most stubborn of filters.  The Snapper rear engine riding mower is an excellent example of where a pliers type filter wrench excels!  There is no space to get any other type of wrench on the filter.
  • We have cap type wrenches that grip your oil filter based upon the size and number of facets (flat spots) there are around the filter. Be sure you know the number of facets around the top of your filter.  The 76mm Cap type oil filter wrench is available in both 14 and 15 facets.  When you buy a replacement filter, you should ensure you are buying one that has the same number of facets as the wrench you already own, or you will be buying a new wrench.
  • We have cap socket type wrenches that are square drive and grip the facets around the top of your filter, be certain that you know your filter size and the number of facets it has before ordering a cap socket type of wrench.
  • We have drain plug wrenches to help you get the drain plug out of your vehicle.
  • Using your knowledge of your requirements, we have the best oil filter wrench available to fit your specific need.

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