Lens Cleaning Cloths and Glasses Accessories

This category contains all our offerings on microfiber cleaning cloths and cleaning kits.  These microfiber cleaning cloths are excellent for cleaning eyeglasses, sunglasses, Camera Lens, mobile phone screens, tablet screens, and desktop monitor screens.

The color swatches here–and on individual product pages–represent the 50 colors that are available on some of our products.  Each product will show what colors are available as part of that specific product.

Some products are the cloth alone in a vinyl pouch, others are the cloth in the vinyl pouch with a screwdriver as part of the pouch so you always have a tool to tighten your glasses up before they come apart and you scratch your lenses.

The kits may have a small bottle of lens cleaning solution as part of the kit and may have the screwdriver as part of the kit.

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