Goldys Brand, Inc. Front Page

Goldys Brand Has Been Re-Born

After almost a year, Goldys Brand has been reborn as a Sharpening Service company.  We currently are sharpening:

  • Beauty and Barber shears
  • Pet grooming shears
  • Hair clipper blades.  We have the ability to sharpen hair clipper blades with ceramic cutter blades.  Should you want to change from a ceramic cutter to a steel cutter, we can make that happen for you too!
  • Chain Saw blades
  • Axes and Hatchets (A.K.A. Hand Axes)
  • Lawn Mower Blades
  • Kitchen Knives for Residential and Commercial kitchens. Smooth Edge knives and Serrated knives.  We DO NOT sharpen “Micro Serrated” Knives, or any knife with more than 2 smooth edges.
  • Garden tools such as Shovels, Manual Edgers, Manual Hedge clippers, Grass Whips (A.K.A. Swing Blades), and Machetes

We have a product that we use on all scissors and clipper blades coming in the door to clean and sanitize them before we start working on them.  This product is made without any water, so it is safe to submerge your clippers in for cleaning, and it does not conduct electricity which means you can submerge you clipper blades on the clippers and turn on the motor which will help to clean and dislodge any debris on in the blades.  This will help you maintain your clipper blade sharpness longer, which lowers your overall costs.   We recommend having a container of this on your counter so you can sanitize your blades between each use.  At the end of the day, we recommend you put a tiny amount of clipper blade oil on your blades and run them for a few seconds to distribute the lubrication across the mating surfaces.  This will make your clippers run better the next day.