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Doing Business With Goldys Brand Sharpening Service

If you are near the Monroe, GA area we will welcome you to drop by and bring your blades to us in person for sharpening.  If you are too far away for a visit, then we will gladly accept your blades shipped into us for sharpening.  There is some paperwork that will need to be filled out for EACH BLADE that is to be sharpened.  The requested information allows us to identify you as the owner, and helps us to identify the specific blade so we can verify the specifications of the blade and properly sharpen it for you.

Click the hyperlink to read about how we test Scissors and Shears for sharpness.

If a saw blade is not flat, the blade is bent in some way, we cannot sharpen it because a bent saw blade will be unstable and the teeth are not aligned properly which means we cannot do a good job to sharpen teeth on the bent section, and finally it is not safe to use a bent saw blade in addition to the fact that the cut will not be uniform.


We accept items shipped into us for sharpening.  Please fill out the PDF (click this link) to complete the fillable PDF and print out at lease one copy to go into your box.

Be sure to pack your items well fro shipping because we cannot be responsible for damage to your items if you decide to ship them to us.

We image EVERY box and EVERY item in each box as it comes in the door to ensure we know the condition of your items as they arrive at our location.

Scissors And Shears

Includes Barber, Stylist, Grooming, Industrial, Paper, Sewing, Fabric, and Embroidery.

Hair Clipper Blades – Stylist, Barber, Large and Small Animal Blades

Wood Chisels And Other Wood Working Tools.

Knife Sharpening – All Types of Knives.

Price list for Knife Sharpening 

If you are looking for Machete Sharpening, please follow the hyperlink to our Garden Tool Sharpening Page.

What We Sharpen, Saw Blades

What We Sharpen – Garden Tools

Goldys Brand, Inc. Sharpening Services is now sharpening hair clipper blades for most major clipper manufacturers!

We can even sharpen clipper blades with Ceramic cutter blades.  If you have a ceramic cutter blade and would like to switch back to a steel cutter blade, we can do that for you too!

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We Sharpen Knives!

Goldys Brand, Inc. is now sharpening all kinds of knives.

For New Customers Only, we realize just how hard it is to verbally communicate how sharp a knife is when your have never had us sharpen for you.

Therefore, to demonstrate just how sharp our knives are when we are done sharpening, we will accept ONE knife from a new customer to sharpen for free!  Serrated Edge and laser edge Micro Serrated knives are not included in this offer.

Once we have sharpened that knife, we will get it back to you and let you evaluate how sharp we made the blade.

Please click on THIS LINK to see our prices.

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