Price List – Knife Sharpening

For all Knives the listed price is for sharpening only.  If at any point we discover that more work than just sharpening is required on a knife, there will be additional charges for the repairs.  We will contact you before we start any work to get your approval for the additional charges.  We WILL NOT attempt to sharpen ANY Knife if we find repairs are needed prior to sharpening.  This is for your safety and comfort.

PLEASE NOTE!!  All Knives submitted for sharpening must be CLEAN before we can accept them.  We will not attempt to sharpen Knives with any type of foreign material on them such as epoxy, any kind of meat product, glue, paint, or other materials.  We reserve the right to refuse to sharpen any Knife that in our sole opinion has “foreign material” on the blades.

If you are looking for Machete Sharpening, please follow the hyperlink to our Garden Tool Sharpening Page.

If your knife is double sided, the inch calculations are doubled.  Listed prices are for single edge knives only.


Knives Up To 6 Inches of Blade Length Being Sharpened

Our Minimum Charge For Knife Sharpening Where The Blade Is 6 Inches Or Less Is $6.00

Knives Over 6 Inches of Blade Length Being Sharpened

$1.00 Per Inch Or fraction Thereof. A 6.4 Inch Blade Being Sharpened Rounds Up To The Next Inch.

Multiple Knives being Sharpened.

Add Up the Total Blade Lengths Of All knives submitted for Sharpening And Multiply That Total by $1.00.

Because we price by the inch, there is no discount for multiple knives, the price is the same.

Repairing Dropped, Damaged, or Improperly Sharpened Knives.

There is a $25.00 Fee For Diagnosing Problems.  The Diagnostic Fee Will be Waived Should You Choose To Have The Repairs Performed.

A Custom Quote For The Repair Work Will be Provided Before Any Work is Started.

We Sharpen Knives!

Goldys Brand, Inc. is now sharpening all kinds of knives.

For New Customers Only, we realize just how hard it is to verbally communicate how sharp a knife is when your have never had us sharpen for you.

Therefore, to demonstrate just how sharp our knives are when we are done sharpening, we will accept ONE knife from a new customer to sharpen for free!  Serrated Edge and laser edge Micro Serrated knives are not included in this offer.

Once we have sharpened that knife, we will get it back to you and let you evaluate how sharp we made the blade.

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