How We Test Scissors for Sharpness

To ensure that our scissors are sharp, we conduct the following tests after sharpening and polishing.

  • Our first test is a combination sharpness test and removal of the polishing burr.  Here we cut a Viva paper towel multiple times to first remove the burr.  The first cut is about 1/3 of the blade, the 2nd cut is about 2/3 of the blade, and the 3rd cut is the entire blade.  At this point the sharpening burr should be completely removed and we should have 3 very clean cuts.  We do one more full cut just to make sure the scissors make a clean cut and does not tear the paper towel.
  • Our next test involves taking a Kleenex tissue and making a cut in it.  This cut too must be a completely clean cut with no tearing or pulling.  This indicates a very sharp and properly tensioned blade.
  • In this test we take the Kleenex from the previous test and pull the 2 plys apart. We then proceed to cut one single ply of the Kleenex and this cut must be completely clean, with no pulling or tearing.
  • In this test, we take one of the 2 single ply Kleenex sheets and spray a small amount of water on the tissue then we make our final test cut.  This cut must also be completely clean, no tearing, and no pulling.  Only when a pair of scissors passes all these tests are they sharp enough to cut hair.
  • We make our final test on a swath of faux fur to ensure it will cut hair cleanly.