Price List – Electric Hair Clipper Blades

For all Hair Clipper Blades, the listed price is for sharpening only.  If at any point we discover that more work than just sharpening is required on the Hair Clipper Blades, there will be additional charges for the repairs.  We will contact you before we start any work to get your approval for the additional charges.  We WILL NOT attempt to sharpen ANY Hair Clipper Blades if we find repairs are needed prior to sharpening.  This is for your safety and comfort, and the safety and comfort of your customers.

PLEASE NOTE!!  All Hair Clipper Blades submitted for sharpening must be CLEAN before we can accept them.  We will not attempt to sharpen Scissors or Shears with any type of foreign material on them.  We reserve the right to refuse to sharpen any Hair Clipper Blades that in our sole opinion has “foreign material” on the blades.

Foreign Matter Removal From Blades

This includes, but is not limited to, the following list:

  • Rust
  • Metal Pitting
  • Any Type of Organic Matter
  • Other Contaminants Not Specified

Standard Hair Clipper Blade Sets.

For single piece sharpening (comb or cutter) the per piece price is $6.00,

10.00 per pair.

Large Animal Clipper Blade Set.

For Single Piece Sharpening (comb or cutter), the price is $7.50 per piece.

$13.00 Per Pair.