Price List – Scissors and Shear Sharpening

For all Scissors and Shears, the listed price is for sharpening only.  If at any point we discover that more work than just sharpening is required on Scissors or Shears, there will be additional charges for the repairs.  We will contact you before we start any work to get your approval for the additional charges.  We WILL NOT attempt to sharpen ANY Scissors or Shears if we find repairs are needed prior to sharpening.  This is for your safety and comfort, and the safety and comfort of your customers.

We have encountered a number of stylists and barbers who are buying really low end equipment, on the order of less than $100 per pair of shears.  When purchasing the lowest priced shears, it is not possible to get a good steel in the really low end products.  Goldys Brand, Inc. reserves the right to decline to sharpen any shears that in our sole opinion are not made with good quality steel.  Those will not hold an edge, and the process of grinding a new edge has resulted in the really soft steel clogging our grinding wheels to the point where they had to be replaced.  We know that MANY low end manufacturers claim their products are made with “Japanese Steel”.  Please keep in mind that the term “Japanese Steel” includes a wide range of qualities of steel and when you are paying $30 or less for a pair of shears, you are NOT going to get a good quality steel in the product.  If you want a pair of shears that will last and can go a month or 3 between sharpenings, you really need to ask the manufacturer what specific stainless steel your shears are made from.  If you contact us with that information, we can provide you with the characteristics of the specific stainless steel and tell you how much it can be hardened.  This will have a great bearing on the shears ability to retain an edge and not roll will cutting hair.

PLEASE NOTE!!  All Scissors and Shears submitted for sharpening must be CLEAN before we can accept them.  We will not attempt to sharpen Scissors or Shears with any type of foreign material on them such as epoxy, chicken parts, glue, paint, or other materials.  We reserve the right to refuse to sharpen any Scissors or Shears that in our sole opinion has “foreign material” on the blades.

Do you need some shears sharpened, but you only have one pair?  Goldys Brand, Inc. maintains a small number of loaner shears so you can keep working while we are working on sharpening your shears!  You may use our Contact Form to inquire, or send an email to, or call us at the number at the top of the page.

As part of our intake processing for items to be sharpened, we first sanitize the items in a viruscide, bactericide, and cleaning solution to loosen and dirt and other materials that may be on them.  We then remove the items from the solution, wipe them dry, and proceed to the sharpening process.  After the items are sharpened, we will demagnetize the item, sanitize and clean the item, and finally lubricate the item with a very small amount of lubricant to ensure the items are performing at their best before we return them to you.

Click the hyperlink to read about how we test scissors and shears for sharpness.

Beauty and Barber Shears – Bevel, Convex Edges

$25.00 per pair.

Straight Grooming Shears – Bevel, Convex Edges, Thinning Shears, and Chunkers

$15.00 per pair.

Curved Grooming Shears – Bevel, Convex Edges

$20.00 per pair.

Industrial Scissors and Shears – Upholstry, Composites, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Poultry, and Leather.

$12.00 Per Pair.

Paper, Sewing, and Fabric Scissors

$10.00 Per Pair.

Embroidery Scissors

$6.00 Per Pair.

Repairing Dropped, Damaged, or Improperly sharpened Scissors or Shears.

There is a $25.00 Fee For Diagnosing Problems.  The Diagnostic Fee Will be Waived Should You Choose To Have The Repairs Performed.

A Custom Quote For The Repair Work Will be Provided Before Any Work is Started.